The Mind behind the Madness

I’m not one to talk about himself too much, because even I think there’s more to me than my mind can comprehend.
I go by Thamziri, but my books (which I plan to post here) will have Thami on it which is the shortened version of my birth name (unimportant at this moment).

What to definitely expect on this blog site is writing that will make you see me in a dark light – especially if you know me personally.
I feel that nothing is forbidden to write about, even if it sends you to prison because of FREEDOM OF SPEECH – yes? But as Public Enemy said in Fight The Power, “Our freedom of speech is freedom or death.”

I have many ideas and stories going on in my mind and to drown the crazy visuals, I write it all down. And in a free way that truly explains me and how I live my life. The first book I get published will, of course, have the style of writing more formal, so enjoy the stories I post here in a raw and explicit form.

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